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We are about 400 meters from the central square of Markopoulo with a lot of choices for cafe or restaurants

Metr0 station of koropi is 7 minutes distance for us.

From this metro station you can reach the mall athens in 15min, in the center of Athens in 35 min. while in the port of Piraeus in 45min

We are about 7 kilometers from Porto Rafti with a lot of choices for cafe, restaurants and beach bars.

The Archaeological Museum of Brauron is a short distance from the sanctuary of Goddess Artemis in Brauron.

(7 km away)

The Athens Horse Racing Center (Markopoulo Park) was moved to an area of 1,110 acres east of Markopoulo Attica, at the site where ancient Myrinounda stood some 5,000 years ago.

The Temple of Artemis of Bravronia is a temple of the archaeological site of Bravron. It was built in the 5th century BC and is of Doric style. It was and remains one of the most important sacred and ancient sites in Attica. In ancient times there were “Vravronias”, a ceremony widely known throughout Attica in honor of the goddess Artemis. During the Byzantine times it was built in the surrounding area of the church of Agios Ioannis.

(7 km away)

According to mythology, this temple is where Aegean (king of Athens) committed suicide, hence the name of the Aegean Sea. The temple was dedicated to Neptune, god of the sea. At the beginning of the 5th century it was destroyed by the Persians. Around 444 BC, Pericles ordered for the temple to be rebuilt. The view of the sunset from the Temple of Poseidon will be forever etched in the hearts and memories of your entire family.

(26 km away)

Monastiraki is a central district of Athens centered around Monastiraki Square, which extends to the south side of Ermou Street, from Mitropoleos Square to Thissio Square. It neighbors the districts of Psiri, Plaka and Acropolis.

(25 km away)

The Isthmus of Corinth is a narrow strip of land that connects Central Greece with the Peloponnese. It is about 6 kilometers long and the narrowest point is where the Corinth Canal was built (1880-1893), which technically makes the Peloponnese an island. Today two highways, two railways and two submerged bridges at the two ends of the canal connect the mainland of the Isthmus with that of the Peloponnese.

(83 km away)

Traditional Bakery

Next to our guest rooms you can find our traditional bakery with local products for your breakfast and also all the choices for your coffee.

Galotel Agnoudas

K. Sotiriou 4, 19003 Markopoulo

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